Child Care Link Food Program

Food Program

What Is The Child Care Food Program (CACFP)?

CACFP is a part of the federal school lunch program started in 1977 benefiting children in family day care homes and providing reimbursement to child care providers.

What must I do to participate?    Participants must have a current child care license for an eligible private residence, serve and record nutritious meals and snacks that meet food program guidelines.

What are the benefits to Child Care Links’ Food Program?
Pays highest allowable reimbursement rate
Personalized staff assistance
Phone and text messaging support
Home visits
Menu suggestions
Free assistance in meeting training hour requirements
Trainings presented in many counties
Monthly newsletter
Absolutely no expense involved! (federally funded program)

How will I be reimbursed?  Monthly reimbursement is made by check or electronic bank transfer.

How much will I be reimbursed?  The rates (listed below) are established at the federal level and are the same throughout the nation.

Will I receive Tier 1 or Tier 2 reimbursement rate?  Tiering began in 1998.  Eligibility for Tier 1 rates is based on the location of your day care home, personal income, or your client’s income.  As with the rates, tiering is the same nationwide.  The rates are revised every July.

Reimbursement Rates

Tier 1 Tier 2
Breakfast $1.66 $1.66
 Lunch/Supper $3.04 $3.04
 Snacks $. 97 $ .97
The current rates are effective July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023